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Floor Plans for Modular Homes for delivery anywhere in Northern BC

Triple M Series

For over 30 years, our Triple M homes have led the industry in innovation, customization, and satisfaction. All our Triple M homes use high-quality materials in a factory process that reduces material waste. Our unique building method ensures the ultimate in customization while staying on budget, on schedule and remain 100% Canadian built. Read more.

For over 20 years, our Freeport-designed homes have been built all across BC. Our Freeport series are high-quality custom modular designs built for modern living. Our Freeport designers have designed and built the PNE Prize Home since 2016! Learn more

Freeport “Craftsman” Series
Multi-family & Duplex

Our multi-family homes range from duplexes, in-law suites, to multi-storey condo developments. Our highly-skilled design team can take your idea, no matter how large, and turn it into a modular reality! Know more.

From work site portables to mixed-use commercial/residential buildings, college dorms, temporary housing and emergency shelters, or assisted living facilities, we can custom design exactly the building that your company or organization needs. Find more.


Commercial & Industrial Housing Designs
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